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A Review of Blinkist

People have been using book summaries for many decades. There are many websites and book companies that are specialized in summarizing books. They make articles or books from other popular books. In the modern days, people can easily access free content on social media platforms and websites that summarize books. In addition to this, there are other channels such as Fight Mediocrity which summarize animated videos and books.

With the advancement of technology, people can now summarize books using paid applications like the Blinkist. This is one of the largest libraries. It has over 2000 audio and textbooks. They cover many categories of non-fiction books such as politics and economics, science, different business topics, biographies and health, personal growth and investing.

New books and summarizes are added to their library on a daily basis. In addition to phonethis, they make about 40 new summaries every month. You can access this application on your Android devices or iOS or visiting its website. This app can be downloaded easily. You can learn more about this application by reading this review.

Why Do Need to use Blinkist

Read More Books In less time

With this app, it has become easier to read books. You can learn something in less time. Learners don’t have to spend many hours reading books. They can spend about fifteen minutes reading the summarised material. This means that you read more books without using much of your time.

Help You In finding Great Books

Learners can read the content of different books by reading their summaries. This means that you can read as many interesting books as you can. Learners have access to great books and through this application some of which that are difficult to find in the traditional libraries.

It is Affordable


Affordability is another benefit of using this application. It is much cheaper compared to the other services that offer book summaries. It is one of the cheapest options for unlimited access.

Who Should Use Blinkist

This app is right for:

  • Individuals who don’t have adequate time to read full books
  • People who want to get important ideas about specific books
  • Individuals who want to update themselves with new books
  • Learners who want to read great, interesting books in full

You can easily find the book with your choice through this application. You can read these books during the day or in the evening. You can use your mobile devices to acess these summaries when using public transport or when watching TV at home e.t.c It is a convenient and user-friendly learning application. However, this app is not suitable for people who don’t like non-fiction books…

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