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Five Unique Ways to Enjoy Ottawa’s Nightlife

If having a drink in the many bar joints and clubbing is not what you enjoy doing most, then you need not to worry on how you will spend your night out in Ottawa. When the sunset in Ottawa it is like it is when the day is breaking here. You can treat yourself to the fantastic recipes of traditional menus or have the experience of the quirky downtown stops. There is always something good that will lighten up your evening in Ottawa.

If that is still not enough, check out this five unique ways that you can enjoy Ottawa’s nightlife.


 poker gameIf you are a gaming enthusiast, then am pretty sure that you will enjoy the high stake gaming options that are offered in Ottawa. If you go to the south of the city, you are sure to get numerous entertainment centers to the extent that you can be spoilt of choice on where you can go gaming. Just across the river, you will also find one of the best casinos that you cannot encounter anywhere else.

There are also other joints that offer food, drinks and a lot of vibe besides gaming. If you want to enjoy all this, you only need to follow the rainbow as here you are guaranteed to get yourself a bonus for your first gaming try.

Pinball Play

If you are the type that enjoys playing pinball, then you will surely get an excellent experience in the house of targ. In its basement setup, you are sure to experience the awesome sounds of the pinball machines, perogies that are sizzling plus those old-school arcade games. The atmosphere in here is second to none as it is a combination of both fun and chill.

Have a Night Out of Tacos

In most recent time, Ottawa is making a name for being that city that offers snacks that many refer to have to be fantastic. And which is the best one other than Tacos? Tacos that have come from El Camino have been creating a buzz lately. You can either take them from a takeout window or order them accompanied by a bigger meal. But either way is sure that you will be surprised by what they offer.

There is a variety of them ranging from the ordinary ones that are made of chicken or pork, while there are those unique ones that are made either from an ox tongue or Japanese eggplant. All this is out there come on and try them.

Go for a Hunt Walk

Another fantastic thing that one can do in the City of Ottawa Ontario at night is going out for a haunted walk. This is primarily meant for those individuals who are thrilled by ghosts. Do not worry about how you will manage this, as there are guides who will take you through the entire tour. You will get the opportunity to experience the spookiest locales of Ottawa town.

hunt walk

Playing Board Games

Another thing that you will want to do while you spend your night in Ottawa is to play board games. You will find lounges that offer such games. The more reason you will like them is that they have excellent decor and their floor is made of hardwood.…

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